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"This sofa is too big for our apartment."

Translation:Tahle pohovka je pro náš byt příliš veliká.

November 23, 2017



Can I say "velká" instead of "veliká"?


May I say "Tato" rather than "tahle"? (It wasn't accepted but I am not sure)


Yes you may. Our setup allows both equally. If it was rejected, only reporting using the appropriate button can lead to useful information. A meaningful discussion without a clear idea of what you typed is not possible.


Thanks. If it comes up again and not accepted I'll report it.


Can I say: Ten gauč je do našeho bytu moc velký. ?


Almost. "Tenhle gauč je do našeho bytu moc velký" is one of many accepted answers here.

"This" is not "ten", it can be "tento" or "tenhle".


I wrote "tahle pohovka pro náš byt je příliš veliká", which, presumably rightly, was rejected. But it is good for me to know that one can use here the same word order as in German "Dieses Sofa ist für unsere Wohnung zu groß".


"tahle pohovka pro náš byt je příliš veliká" doesn't sound natural - it's weirdly coupling "this sofa for our apartment"... So you have a warehouse full of sofas and one of them is a "sofa for your apartment". And then you say that this sofa is too big, i.e. too big in general, you're no longer saying it's too big for your apartment.

Correct options are:

  • Tahle pohovka je příliš velká pro náš byt. (same as in English)
  • Tahle pohovka je pro náš byt příliš velká. (as in your German translation)
  • Pro náš byt je tahle pohovka příliš velká. (also doable verbatim in German)
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