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Have passed the "checkpoint" but am still "locked'. Why?! What can I do about it?

November 23, 2017



The sole point of the existence of the checkpoint is for people to try to test out of skills up through that point. Once you have reached the checkpoint, testing out is no longer relevant and the checkpoint becomes locked.

Look at your other checkpoints lower down the tree. They are probably still yellow. They will turn gray when you pass them.

There is no reason for concern, so long as the first row of lessons after the checkpoint is unlocked.


strengthen all your previous lessons and than try


Can you take screenshot?

How about re-doing the last lessons of your last skill right before the checkpoint, so the next skill can be unlocked?

Actually I NEVER heard for the past year that there is a "checkpoint lock" bug in the tree.

But with the many updates over the past weeks, you can never know what new untested bugs might have been added to the code and rolled out...


Last week, I have seen two similar complaints.
Both learners were using the outdated browser Internet Explorer.

Please, ....

  1. try https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204777904-I-m-stuck-why-can-t-I-open-the-next-skill-

  2. try the most recent version of the Google Chrome or Firefox browser

  3. If this does not help, then I need the following information:

. Do you use the App or Duolingo's web version (www.duolingo.com) ?


. the Android, iOS or Windows App ?
. which version number of the Duolingo App ?
. which version number of the operating system of your phone/tablet

Web version:

. in which browser and version number
. which operating system and version number

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