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  5. "请给我一碗热豆花。"


Translation:Please give me a bowl of hot tofu pudding.

November 23, 2017



Shouldn't "please give me a hot bowl of tofu pudding" also have been accepted?


It's technically a little less accurate, but I'd say that it's a legitimate English construction.

For what it's worth, putting "bowl of hot,hot bowl of" into Google's Ngram Viewer returns a ratio of a little more than 5:1 in favor of "bowl of hot".


In the sentence, "hot" refers to the tofu, not to the bowl.


In English, "hot cup of tea" means that the "cup of tea" is hot, not just the cup. No one would really ask for cold tea (or cold tofu pudding) in a hot recepticle.


accepted on 2018/02/09


Isn't 豆花 bean curd? I have never heard it called tofu pudding before.


豆腐 is indeed often called beancurd (but more often simply tofu). 豆花 (or in some dialects like cantonese, 豆腐花) is sometimes called dessert tofu, at least by north american manufacturers. Since it is made and eaten quite differently it seems sensible to have a different english name.


This question was given multiple times in this exercise


I've spent about 25 years in Mainland China and Taiwan and I've never heard "tofu pudding". Just call it "douhua" please.


We don't really have 豆花 in the UK, so I don't think there is a real name for it. Anyway, I don't have a complaint really. But would just really like some 豆花...很懷念它


Same for Australia, though Chinese restaurants are getting much more authentic food these days and I can't afford them like I can in China (-: The point is some of us are native English speakers yet for Chinese foods we only know the Chinese name, so Duolingo should also accept the names of Chinese foods in pinyin.


Buy some GDL or gypsum powder (causes the soy milk to congeal) and a carton of unsweetened soy milk, and you can make your own in minutes! It's like magic, 其实很容易做得到


I thought hot weather is 热 (re4), whereas hot food is 烫 (ta4ng).

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