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  5. "Ameninunulia bia"

"Ameninunulia bia"

Translation:He has bought me a beer

November 23, 2017



The correct English is "He has bought a beer for me"


Or "He has bought me a beer."


11 months later and it's still not accepting any answers with the usual English word order. Has anyone been getting any feedback on Swahili answer suggestions, or has the course simply been abandoned?


I actually got an email yesterday saying that they have corrected one of the things I have reported


He has bought me a beer, or he has bought a beer for me. It would never be ‘he has bought for me a beer’


Not sure where they get these half english translations from?


Accept all the acceptable structures of the sentence please


The "me" tense is an action in progress, still going on, it should be ... he is buying me a beer .... bought... is passed tense ....


No. me- is the marker for what is variously called the Immediate Past or the Perfect "tense" in Swahili. It expresses an event in the recent past whose effects are ongoing in the present. This corresponds most closely to the English Present Perfect, formed using 'have' and the past participle, i.e. "has bought".

With inchoative verbs that express a change of state, the English translation may sometimes use the Simple Present. Thus nimelewa (from the verb kulewa "to become drunk") could be translated as "I have become drunk" (Present Perfect) or "I am drunk" (Simple Present).


I think the "has" takes care of that, making it present perfect, instead of present continuous tense.

Kind of differs from ananinunulia bia= he is buying me beer.


What does the -lia signify? Know that DL on the phone has no tips for the lessons.


It's the applicative -(l)i suffix used to derive a "prepositional" form of the verb. See the lesson tips in the web version.


Surely we could have he bought me a beer

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