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German for Dutch speakers!

I often see suggestions for a lot of different languages around the world - which is great, of course - and it's fantastic that they keep being added. But there are two languages, already quite familiar to us, who are closely related - sisters, in fact! Yet they do not share a course yet. Maybe there are not that many speakers of German who want to speak Dutch, but the other way round does happen very often; German is even a subject in Dutch high schools! But it's kinda strange that, if you are Dutch or Flemish, you have to learn German using English, a close, but still less related language.

Now I know some of you might roll their eyes and mention that the Dutch know English well enough that such a course isn't necessary. And you have a point; but not every Dutchie is a star in English, and I firmly believe that more Dutch people should be able to speak this wonderful language of our neighbours. And as far as Belgium is concerned: alongside French and Dutch (Flemish), there is also a German speaking minority in the country. So in their case, we're talking about fellow countrymen!

Such a suggestion also holds true for other close sisters like Swedish-Norwegian-Danish and the Slavic languages, of course. German, however, is such a popular language, especially here on DuoLingo, that it is a shame Dutch and Flemish people do not yet have the option to learn it through this app.

November 23, 2017



Maybe there are not that many speakers of German who want to speak Dutch, but the other way round does happen very often;

Requests for Dutch for German speakers actually appear quite regularly on the German forums on Duo, there's just no collection for language requests there like on the English forums. As a German I'd learn it (beyond those two levels I did for Dutch form English when just checking out the language to change up my learning).


That's wonderful to hear! I wanted to start off modestly by only suggesting German-from-Dutch, but two courses both ways would be even better, of course. It's kinda strange that suggestions for courses without English as base language have to made on the English forums.


It is indeed pretty strange. German and Dutch are closely enough related that creating a German for Dutch speakers course could be created within a decent amount of time. It would be a very useful addition. Like you said, not all Dutch people are the best at English. Most of us do have a pretty good skill, but the fact is: if you have to learn German from English you are going to run into some difficulties that you wouldn't have encountered if you would be learning it from Dutch. German and Dutch are, after all, more closely related than German and English, so learning German from English is in fact some seriously difficult stuff, while learning it from Dutch is much more easy as false friends are easily discovered and also: it is easier (for me at least) to translate German into Dutch than to translate German into English. English simply lacks the words.


I really wish a German/Dutch course would be made! I'm currently learning Spanish using English. After that I want to start learning German, but it seems so weird for me to do that using English instead of my own language. It's so close to German, using English seems like making it unnecessarily harder

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