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  5. "她觉得那家商店的衣服质量不好。"


Translation:She thinks that store's clothes are not very good quality.

November 23, 2017



"She thinks that the quality of the clothes in that store is not good." is not natural English.


I think it's acceptable. Don't forget that English is spoken in many different regions, so different regions will have different ways of expressing things. The main thing is that the sentence is grammatically correct.

I translated "She thinks that the store's clothes quality is not that good." Which took me a long time to construct, even though I am native. I also think it is perhaps not technically grammatically correct, because there should be an apostrophe after "clothes". I do agree that perhaps other alternative translations should be offered, such as "The quality of the clothes in that store isn't good." or "The clothes in that store aren't of good quality."


I agree. A more english answer would be "she thinks the store's clothes are poor/bad (quality)".


exactly what I wrote and it got marked wrong. I think this module was written by native Chinese people with a very poor understanding of English

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Seems fine to me. I just wrote something similar and it was accepted. 2018.02.18


"She thinks (that) the quality of clothing in that store is not very good."


I'm a native English speaker and I think it's perfectly natural English.


Swap 'in' for 'at' and you have a perfectly acceptable English sentence, even though a little clumsy.


It's natural, just needs to be are instead of is... "She thinks that the quality of the clothes in that store are not good."


"She thinks the quality of that store's clothing is bad" should be accepted.


I agree, that should probably be accepted. But there is a slight difference between "not good" and "bad"; ("bad" being just a little harsher that "not good")


I give the exact answer as listed above and it says that I have a typo in answer?? I'd say this is a typo in your code!


Copy/paste here. Almost every time I think the way you are thinking, it turns out I did have a typo. When it's not just a typo issues but an issue of alternate acceptable answers, then of course I see that this course is still missing a lot.


Shop should be accepted- we're not all American


A long sentence like that requires a more flexible criteria: this translation seems fine to me: "She feels that the quality of the clothes from that store is not good ."


"the clothes from that store" should be also accepted (in lieu of "the store's clothes")


This may be one of the more frustrating questions. The English translation works in a few different combinations but it only accepts one specific translation.


"She thinks that shop's clothing quality is not good." was rejected because I didn't use "clothes quality" instead of "clothing quality". Seems to me to be the same thing.


There are so many ways of saying this correctly in English, I just knew as soon as I saw it that I would not come up with the way that Duo wanted.............and I was right!


Terrible english translation


I think "She thinks the quality of that store's clothes is not good." should be accepted.


it is unnatural. there should be a way of opting out of being forced to translate sentences like these. there are dozens of ways to express this idea, and the one that is accepted doesn't sound like a native speaker. I have resorted to copying and pasting these from notepad rather than having to think about it any more.


Some questions 质量 can be omitted, others it cannot. This is a fault in the system rather than an aspect of translation


She thinks that store's clothes have bad quality


She thinks that the quality of that store's clothes are bad. Shouldn't this be accepted?


Maybe we should substitute "poor quality" for "not good quality."


I would say "of low quality," which is also not accepted


She thinks that the clothes in that shop are not very good quality.


It did accept the answer without "very", but it's claiming that the correct translation should have "very" in it.

Where is the "very" in that sentence?


"She thinks the quality of clothing at that store is bad" should be accepted.


"... at that store..." Also rejected


She thinks that store's quality of clothes is not good. NOT A TYPO.


She thinks that store's clothes are not good quality


My answer should be accepted.


My answer should be accepted.


This is not a good English translation. A more natural translation would be something like: "she thinks the quality of that store's clothing isn't very good."


Why "not very good" and not "bad"


My answer of "She thinks that store's clothes quality are not very good" is apparently wrong.... there is no suitable options to provide a clear English sentence! ie "She thinks the clothes from that store are not good quality" would be much more suitable. Duo fix this!


I agree with berjiault


She thinks that store's clothes are of poor quality. = Rejected: 02 feb. 2020. I reported that: am I right/wrong?  


She thinks the clothes at that shop are of poor quality. = Rejected: 02 feb. 2020. I reported it.


She thinks that store’s clothes are not of good quality. = Accepted.: 12 feb. 2020.


very awkward sentence!


"clothes" is plural, "is" is singular. Should be "clothes are not good."


"The quality is not good." is a backbone.


I really don't understand duolingo. Sometimes if I translate Hen Hao as very good...they say it is wrong, it should be only 'good'. Then next they say I am wrong because I did not use 'very' before good. I have always found this fault on Mandarin lessons.


A lot of times they put hen in front of other words, but don't especially mesn very.


"She thinks that store's clothes is not good quality" This is a natural English way of translating.

[deactivated user]

    Shouldn't it be 'are not good'. or The quality of the clothes in that store are not good. Basically they have cheap quality clothes.

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