"My student lives in London."


November 23, 2017

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I thought that the word order is that the place comes before the verb. Why is that not the case here in Duolingo? A video I watched said "Subject - time - verb".


2020.5.19 It's because there is the verbal phrase 住在〜。

A prepositional clause i.e. just 在倫敦 can come before the verb

我住在倫敦 。 vs


I hope that makes sense


Because 在 is the verb and it wouldn't be correct because something have to proceed after. Watch videos and here and watch subs on how they speak, you'll get it.


在 isn't the verb...


是的!抱歉。I've messed up


Does the verb phrase need to be 住在? Could it be 在住 instead?


It is just like English, verb first followed by the "preposition". So, it has to be ordered as 住在


Got it! We say "They go into the room" not "They into go the room"


Also, in 在住, 在's function is indicating that the action 住 is/was ongoing.

Ex. 1: 我在住在家里。 I am/was living at home. (Note: The first 在 emphasizes the "ongoing" of the action. Also note that while this sentence is grammatically correct, it's rather unusual - please see ex. 2 for an alternative.)

Ex. 2: 我在住家里。 I am/was living at home. (Note: You don't need 在 to be grammatically correct in this case; it's similar to how there's no preposition in "The ghost is haunting the building." and "The problem haunted me.")

Ex. 3: 我正住在家里。 [Right now/then] I am/was living at home. (Note: 正 has the effect of emphasizing the correctness of the statement.)

Ex. 4: 我正住家里。 [Right now/then] I am/was living at home.

Ex. 5: 我正在住在家里。 [Right now/then] I am/was living at home. (Note: With both the first 在 and the 正, both the "ongoing" of the action and the correctness of the statement are emphasized.)

Ex. 6: 我正在住家里。 [Right now/then] I am/was living at home.

Ex. 7: 我的学生住伦敦。 My student(s) is/are/was/were living in London. (While it's correct, there's no guarantee whether Duolingo accepts it.)

Ex. 8: 我在用电脑。 I am/was using a/the computer(s).


I need the pinyin of student please

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