"I do not want to invite them to ride horses."


November 23, 2017



It really should be 不想 not 不要. 要 usually is in response to something that's offered to you (I don't want to eat this, I don't want to go to the park). 不想 is more the intention (I don't want to ask her if she's sad; I don't want to ask them if they think I'm fat)

November 29, 2017


is it necessary to say 去骑马 or could you just say 骑马?

February 10, 2018


Can't you leave out 去?

January 9, 2018


The word 'them' is not gender specific, so 他 should be accepted. You should not be forced to use 她.
I had the same question on leaving out 去.

April 1, 2018


What's wrong with 我不想邀请他们骑马 ?

November 23, 2017


"邀" is literary, do you mean "要“?

要 by itself expresses want as in "I want food". So it has a stronger feeling. I think 想要 is closer in meaning to "would like" as in "I would like some apples".

November 23, 2017


Well.. As a chinese, I think you are right (unless I have troubles in understanding the english sentence)

February 14, 2018
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