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When someone says Duolingo to you

If someone says "Duolingo", what is the first thing that pops into your head?

When someone says Duolingo to me, I recall a memory of the time my Spanish teacher once asked me why I knew so many words about clothing in Spanish (during my spanish lesson concerning types of clothes). And once I told her that I used Duolingo she was like to the whole class (something along the lines of...) "Ahhhh, you just reminded me. My mum is trying to learn English using Duolingo and I was going to recommend it to you and all my other classes, but I completely forgot". And so, everyone in my year ended up using Duolingo to practice their French and/or Spanish. (A really random memory)


November 23, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Sorry, I can't relate, I'm the one talking about Duolingo to everybody, and they are like, "cool, I'm gonna try it" and I'm like, create a profile and follow me so I can make sure you really did it lmao


    ME, TOO! I've managed to get people to join, but they don't do anything! Either that or they say they'll do it and they don't.


    I'm reminded of the owl.


    When someones says Duolingo to me my first thought is "Oh no! I probably broke my streak!"


    Loool... I swear if that happens to me!!!!


    I remember green cutie owl ^^



    I think of endlessly translating sentences with 'vino' and 'manzanas' in them.

    Why wine and apples comes up so often I have no idea. On the positive note when i head to Colombia and Ecuador next year I will have the ability to talking about wine and apples. I guess that's better then the wore out small talk on weather.


    I am reminded that I am learning it. And most of the time I get excited! ;)

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