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"First take a selfie, then use the Meitu app."


November 23, 2017



Chinese people would never use the word 应用. Apps are exclusively referred to as A-P-P, all spelled out one letter at a time.


Placemenet marketing in Duolingo......really?


"This ad helps us keep education free."


Frustrating that the correct answer includes characters that are not available for me to use.


Stop complaining, is a free app (FREE) to help us to learn, if you dont like GET OUT OF HERE. Nobody want to listen your silly conplaints⛔


首先 is unacceptable.. why?


The 用美图, 自拍, 美图 and 先自 Word Bank tiles are silent, yes, four out of nine. Such tiles always stay silent for the entire lesson. Defective network code? Unusable, time to drop duolingo. Reported [The audio does not sound correct] 2019 June 23rd Sunday Opera 60.0.3255.170 Mac OS X 10.11.6 64-bit.

UPDATE: Having quit duolingo, in November I checked in and to my surprise, not only were the audio bugs fixed but the [Report] menu added checkboxes for SILENT and OTHER, thanks duo team! Well, after a few weeks of lessons I suddenly encountered silent tiles every time (e.g., [先自] here) so I'll quit again and check back next year.


Same for me on Android, 2019-07-30


Expat in China here, I've never heard anyone call an app 应用. I've only ever heard it spelled out, A-P-P.

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