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  5. "他们的饺子很难吃!"


Translation:Their dumplings are terrible!

November 24, 2017



Can i say their dumplings taste terrible since nanchi can be translated as terrible tasting?


yes. you should report it.


It is ridiculous to expect us to guess what negative adjective to use here. Why does it have to be "terrible" as opposed to "bad" or "awful" or "lousy" or any of the endless synonyms for "terrible". At the very least, "bad-tasting" should be accepted as a literal translation.


Well, I wrote "Their dumplings are inedible" and it was not accepted.

I have to admit that "inedible" was the first word that came to my mind when I saw "很难吃" and that I should have spent a few more seconds to find a more familiar word. Anyway: "terrible" is indeed not the only possible translation.


Yes, they need to correct the translation. To just say "terrible" could refer to other qualities, not juste taste.


what about inedible for 难吃?


Haha, I wrote the same thing :)


Какая гадость эта ваша заливная рыба! (c) :))))))))))

(sorry for offtop)


A comment to the tips and notes section: Can 难看 be used to say that something looks ugly?


the dictionary says it can

难看 -

1) ugly; unsightly:

  • 难看的帽子 an ugly hat

2) shameful; embarrassing; disgraceful

  • 通不过考试就太难看了 - It would be awfully embarrassing not to be able to pass the exam


For future reference, there are many English-Chinese/Chinese-English dictionaries online, a simple (characters)+意义 google search will usually yield a helpful overview.

[deactivated user]

    I would think so.


    I also feel 'dumpling' is a terrible translation for 饺子. Why not at least accept the tranliteration 'jiaozi' as an alternative?


    Terrible or not it's the widly accepted and even embraced translation. But yes "jiaozi" should be accepted. I just got marked wrong for using it and I suggested it to be added as another correct answer.

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