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For the love of god, add "Tips and notes" to your apps, even if it's a paid service

I Genuinely don't understand how many years we have to wait. You have a very polished and nice app, but you can't offer an extra button on the bottom of a chapter for the tips and notes that are found on desktop versions? It will take your developers minutes to implement this. Please don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining about a free service, if you want to make the tips and notes section a part of "Duolingo plus" then by all means, do it, it defeats the whole purpose of using an app if a major component is missing.

Sticky this if possible, maybe they'll listen...

November 24, 2017



Indeed! I generally just use the app for review, and it ought not to be too much of a hurdle to incorporate a button to read tips and notes. It really helps to clarify a lot of things and avoids frustration when you notice one pattern, then you get something that breaks the pattern and you have no explanation as to why.


Of course, you can still use a on browser mobile devices to look at the tips and notes.


Do you think the longer texts format well on a small mobile screen?

Or are you just thinking of Phablet/Tablet devices?

Why is it that difficult for you to use a mobile web browser, which supports the "request desktop site" full website view?

Honestly I think, there are more important bugs to fix than to add "tips and notes" to the app.

But I still up-voted your comment, if it may not be that time consuming and blocking other important features in their teams.

They are hiring Android developers, so maybe a new resource finds enough time to add it in 2018 :-)


As expected I got down vote spammed calling out this cry fest. Here are some numbers.

About 80k to first develop 10k for each language, 20k to maintain yearly, probably more bet im coming in low with those numbers.

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