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I spoke to the Swedish Ambassador in Swedish, and it all started with Duolingo

Hi guys, I just wanted to tell you a little story that will hopefully convince some of you to persist with Duolingo and your language learning in general. So last night, I took photos (which is my job) for the Swedish Australian Chambers of Commerce Annual Awards and Christmas Party night. (As a side note, we English speakers may think we've stolen the word "smorgasbord", but we really haven't. There was the BIGGEST spread of food I have ever seen, and it was seemingly never ending as it was continually topped up by staff. That's the difference between a smorgasbord and a smögåsbord.) Anyway... I spoke English when I needed to be specific about photos, but Swedish in between, and one older looking guy took this whole conversation up with me in Swedish. I would have been nervous had I have realised he was Australia's Swedish Ambassador. Today, I realised that this whole thing began with Duolingo, a "silly little app" as I've heard some call it.

Did I become fluent using just Duolingo? No. Does that make it useless? No. I used Duolingo to get me to a point at which more intensive study and conversation practise was possible. You might say I used it enough that Swedish no longer looked 'foreign' to me, and therefore reading books and listening to people speak was difficult but evermore possible and ever better training.

For what it's worth Duolingo, thanks from me, and those of you out there: keep up your language learning, you never know when you might end up talking to a foreign ambassador.

November 24, 2017



Wonderful to hear. I feel on the same page about how Duolingo can give one a base to progress from there. Its nice to hear tangible use coming from a fairly well designed system like Duolingo.


Very cool! That has to be a good feeling after all your hard work learning. I see duolingo the same way a great jumping off point. Just kind of eases you into a language hardly seems like work or study.

I was invited to a U.S. embassy party at a fancy hotel when I was in Chennai India years ago. I felt so out of place completely out of my element. Being introduced to all these community leaders and I'm just some dude from Detroit. Whole time I was thinking, man I would rather be hanging out with the hotel staff drinking a beer.


Cool story! Very inspiring!


Wow!! Really encouraing!!!


thank you for sharing your story


Thanks for sharing your story; it was really inspiring to read!


thats awesome omg go you


Thanks for sharing. That has really inspired me!


Incredible! It's true that using Duolingo won't make you fluent in a foreign language, but it certainly helps. While not all of us will have the privilege of talking to a foreign ambassador, we can still use what we've learned to do things we've never imagined. Fortsätt!


Thanks for sharing your very interesting and amazing story!


Vad kul! Tog du någon bild på smörgåsbordet? :D

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