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  5. "我的家人在里面。"


Translation:My family is inside.

November 24, 2017



In British English, you can say "my family are" as well, depends whether you are talking about them as a single unit or a collection of individuals.


And it is correct to say either IS or ARE in this case, but Duolingo don't get it.

Most people see a family as a group of individuals, so they tend to say 'are' as a plural.

Because family in one thing and therefore singular, it is also correct to 'is'.

In English we select either according to the context.

Here are a couple of examples that are more obvious:

"His family [members] are all doctors" works well enough, so you can use 'are'.

"His family [members] is one of the oldest in the county" doesn't really work so you can't use are.


Very educational! Yet "his family are" continues to sound strange to my (Dutch) ears.


Are Britain okay now? Britain has more people than a family do. Hence just asking.


If you treated Britain as a unit (say a sports team), that works. "Manchester United are okay" is definitely a standard thing to say to British English. If you had a national team for Great Britain in some sport (I think some Olympic sports do?), "Are Britain okay?" would be just fine. I'm not sure if it works for the whole nation though


In New Zealand, as with Australia and the UK judging by the other comments, we would often say "My family are inside."


My family are inside .. is a natural response in Australian english


I wrote My family are inside, silly mistake


I don't think it's a silly mistake - as UK English speaker, common usage I think means you should be allowed to write "are inside" and get the pass.


I completely agree


I hear: "dài / tài bí le".


In Indian English, inside means inside the jail

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