"Mtalii huyu anatoka Marekani"

Translation:This tourist comes from the USA

November 24, 2017

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America should be accepted together with the other most common name, US (we could argue that America is confusing and can refer to the two Americas, but its usage to refer to USA is so widespread that it should be accepted)


Throughout the rest of the course, America is accepted for Marekani, so I think it's just an omission here. It should be "the USA" or "the US" though.

Also, in English, "America" virtually never refers to the Americas as a whole - a fact which seems to annoy a lot of Spanish speakers because that is the meaning of their word América. When we refer to both continents together, it's "the Americas" or individually "North America" and "South America" (as well as "Central America" as a part of North America).


"from USA" is ungrammatical. Should be "from the USA" or "from America"


Why did I get wrong for translating Marekani with Amerika


"America" was accepted


What about "is from" for anatoka?


Yeah, that should be accepted

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