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how do you contact people

so, there is someone i want to contact on here, but I don't know if I can, and if I can I don't know how. if you would help me it would be appreciated

November 24, 2017



never thought of that, lol


As adder3 said, they removed the stream feature a while ago, promising that there would be something even better. There has been no sign of any of that.


Maybe Duolingo oddly believes that silence is better than words.... Quite peculiar an attitude for an organization that wants to teach languages. They are right in one thing, silence is the same in every language.....


I feel like if a messaging feature was readded, it would take the focus on language learning away, and it might be abused.


Unfortunately, you cannot contact people on Duolingo.com. Sorry about that!

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That facility was taken away early last year soon after immersion was taken away.


If the person has no link to FB or whatever other external profile/messaging portal, then unfortunately: NO

But you can chat on www.hellolingo.com


I would like to say thanks to all of you

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