Boozhoo (Hello.) Any chance that anyone knows another website similar to this but where you can construct the course? I want to see more resources similar to this available for native languages but it's so difficult in these times. I know many people who want to learn our native languages but simply can't because there are few people who can teach them and few good resources. Any suggestions? Chi'Miigwech (Thank you) in advance.

November 24, 2017


Are you already familiar with Memrise? There are already a number of Ojibwe courses on there, although none of them looks very substantial.

You can, of course, also volunteer to create a Duolingo course in the incubator, although expect it to take a long time for anyone to get back to you.

Please, please, please sign up to help create an Ojibwa course! <3

Not knowing Ojibwe, I can't say if these are any good but, dictionary, language website. Hope they're of use to you.

Not to be weird but I recognize you from Facebook. Good to see some Ojibwe activism here on Duolingo!

Have you volunteered to incubate Anishanaabeg yet?

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