"Chakula ni kitamu mno"

Translation:The food is very delicious

November 24, 2017



I have no idea how to get this solved- the correct answer keeps changing:The food is very delicious-wrong,correct answer: the food is very much sweet.I answer in "brilliant English" the food is very much sweet and it wants the food is much too sweet and s.o. I have understood the grammer, know the words and even the meaning- all I want is keep on learning, please,please,please........

November 24, 2017


There are several different questions with slightly different answers in the course, they even seem to contradict each other

December 4, 2017


Except for the errors in this course: When you say "Chakula ni kitamu mno", does that mean literally "The food is too sweet" (like, please put less sugar next time, this was not good), or does is mean "The food is super tasty"? As a person who does really not like too much sugar, I think it a bit difficult that the Swahili word for "sweet" also means "good/tasty", and that the words for "too much" (sana/mno) also seem to mean "very much".

March 10, 2018


I think that it literally means "too sweet" or "too tasty", but this is a common way to say "very" in Swahili. Spanish does something similar: "bastante" literally means "enough" (from "bastar" to be enough), but it commonly means simply "a lot".

November 9, 2018


I think the English translation is in error. "Mno" is too or too much. "Sana" is very.

November 27, 2017


"mno" had definitions along the lines of both "very" and "too much" in both dictionaries I checked; the strict distinction between these two concepts that exists in English isn't universal

September 25, 2018


Why do they have so much trouble understanding that?

December 16, 2017


your answer keeps changing. I adapt to what it wants (which is an awkward translation) and then that is wrong the next time

December 1, 2017


the food is too much delicious is the Translation of duo, but not accepted, the other Translation(The food is very delicious) is not accepted. Frustration!

November 30, 2018


"very delicious" is wrong English. You could say "so delicious" or "absolutely delicious"

June 19, 2019
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