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  5. "그 남자는 형하고 누나가 있어."

" 남자는 형하고 누나가 있어."

Translation:That man has an older brother and an older sister.

November 24, 2017



In the answer, it said "That man has an older brother and an sister." (older was left out, making the sentence grammatically incorrect. Also, I answered "big sister/brother," this should be accepted. Thank you


형 is older brother in Korean. 누나 is older sister.


☆오빠(oppa)- older male brother (said by females) ☆형(Hyeong)- older male brother (said by males) ☆언니(Eonni) - older female sister(said by females) ☆누나(Nuna) - older female sister(said by males) ☆동생(Dongsaeng)- younger sibling ☆남동생(NamDongsaeng)- younger male sibling 여동생(YeoDongsaeng)- younger female sibling


can you possibly have a female brother or a male sister?


but thanks, this is very helpful to the learners


Why is the counter for people not necessary in this sentence?


You typically don't need a counter when there is a singleton. That said, there are many ways to express a quantity of things with and without counters:

  • Noun+Number+Counter (사람 한 명)
  • Number+Noun (한 사람)
  • Number+Counter+의+Noun (한 명의 사람)
  • Noun+Number (사람 하나)


"and an older sister sseu"

sometimes i wonder where they get the random word suggestions from and where i would actually place that in the sentence~


-하고 means "and" and is used on nouns when making lists


why can't we write one older brother and one older sister instead of an older brother and an older sister ?

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