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  5. "He is not a student."

"He is not a student."


November 24, 2017



I actually love learning Chinese, but I dont understand it....


can they put the option for us to see the pinyin too? we can't learn the hanzi in just a snap, especially in sentences


2020.5.8 ta1 bu2shi4 xue2sheng


Why is this getting downvoted? Alan946894 is just trying to help. Though, I think it should be ta1 bu4shi4 xue4sheng3


Who knows why, but thanks @Skylerhorn. I really could care less. It is the Internet after all. I noticed some formatting errors, so I re-edited to correct those.

As for 学生 I do believe the correct pinyin is xue2sheng.
I personally don't use the standard China approved tonal system either, because while it is easy to remember 3rd followed by a 3rd becomes 2nd then 3rd ( that case I leave alone ), I always forget how 一 yi1 and 不 bu4 change. So I intentionally change it to the correct pronunciation, so I don't forget or get frustrated by not remembering those rules.

If I recall, 一 and 不 always change to 2nd before a 4th toned word. 一 is also weird because when you count, it is 1st, but if it appears before a word or is first in a compound where in both situations the second words are 2nd, then 一 is pronounced with a 4th tone.

For example,

一个 is yi2ge or yi2ge4 in real, spoken Mando, but is written yi1ge in the dictionary

不是 is said correctly as bu2shi4, but is always written as bu4shi4 in pinyin

I don't speak often enough where these changes are automatically in my brain and my mouth has muscle memorized them

The Mando language powers at be thought it would be less confusing not to change the tones marks even for these exceptions. I find the opposite true lol


I don't understand why the words can also have like four meanings




Would be invalid. Chinese as far as I can tell does not have alternative words for nouns, or identifiers such as the student or a student. They are implied. To translate to English properly you need those identifiers, which can lead to problems, but it is what it is.

He is not 'a' student. Is the phrase you're looking for.

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