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The real reason for Duolingo not having a Finnish course (no error 404 this time please)

November 24, 2017



This is my fifth attempt to get this posted. I used screenshots this time, which is why the text claims this is the fourth attempt. Of course, this also means that the link to the Vice article does not work, so here is the link.


Yay, congrats on the no 404!!! :-D

As for the real reason... didn't Luis once say his mom was Japanese or something? :-p


Have you tried editing it since so it won't have to say fourth attempt, and relinking the Vice article this time?


The whole post consists of screenshots of a previous failed post. There is no way to make that link work. I could edit the beginning because I am yet to delete the fourth post, but I sort of like it the way it is. :)


Finally the truth is out


truth aside, it would be nice if after four years of discussion votes for finnish on duo discussions that duo would allow the language lessons to be built...



No 404 error this time :-)

[deactivated user]

    I congratulate you for having the bravery to share this info. All the international organizations, national governments, and corporations aren't going to react well to this. Stay safe out there, dude. Good luck.


    the reason it wasnt working when you tried to post it was probably because the government is trying to hide the fact that finland isnt real


    Most likely. And part of it was Duolingo trying to hide the fact that they haven’t added Finnish yet.


    But... I had a friend that studied abroad in "Finland" last year...

    WAS I LIED TO???


    Did (s)he get a scholarship?


    Perhaps he/she was an exchange student attending lukio. The theory would explain the appearance of the Finnish graduation cap.


    You HAD a friend? That sounds ominous...


    Don't worry! We just don't really talk anymore. We used to talk more when we were both still in college (which was only a year ago). We're Facebook friends, but that's really it these days.

    I'll choose my words more carefully from now on!


    Phew! I was afraid that your friend ended up sleeping with the (Baltic Sea) fishes.


    You must believe in Finland if you want it to exist.


    It works! Yaaaay! :))


    Mari, thank you for continuing to try to post this. I enjoyed reading the possible reasons for no Finnish on DL. I'm still waiting for December 6th and hoping. :)


    Had it not worked this time, I would have kept trying until 1) I would have succeeded, or 2) they would have banned me for cluttering Discussion. I am Finnish, remember? :)


    Finnish, but never finnished ;)


    Teksti on totta. Muutin Tanskaan koska uiminen ja japanilaiset alkoivat kyllästyttää.


    What is this gibberish uncomprehensible language?

    It seems like it doesn't even exist!


    Why do you people think it's called "Fin"land? Humans don't have fins, fish do. The only way the Japanese could have been more in our faces about their fishing fleet was if they had called it Fishland or Noland.


    And then there is the “Finnish” capital. According to the theory, it is actually in Estonia, but perhaps they are underestimating the cunningness of the Japanese. I mean, the place is called Hell-sinky. Now we know how George Lucas got the idea for Otah Gunga. Wait. Does that mean that Jar Jar Binks is Finnish?!


    Seems legit, have a lingot


    How on earth could I had never known that until now? But now I finally know the truth!


    The Moomin trolls are Swedish speakers so technically they're already on the Duomap. I don't know which language Santa speaks but somehow he understands all the wish lists people send to him. I guess he's been too much on this website.


    Moomin trolls are indeed Swedish speakers, but if this theory is to be believed, the theme park and the mugs that the Japanese hog do not exist. And Tove Jansson was probably never born. But then again, there is this... Makes you wonder, does it not? :)


    Haha! No 404 this time! :) Now the world can know...


    This is some spooky stuff.... Where's the X Files team when you need them? :-P


    Nice, thanks for the song. :-)


    To be real, I would love to live in "Finland." All that water and isolation... it's my destiny.


    That's not true at all. Last year I went to Helsinki and had a wonderful time. The place was awfully empty though; like, there was water all around and no land or buildings at all. In fact, I almost drowned when I got off the plane; fortunately I was saved by a good Finn gentleman called Watanabe Yoshinori.


    Ha ha ha! Brilliant! I take that the plane was a seaplane. Or was there a floating airport? :P


    And I already wrote it in your older (readable) posting:

    If one wants to truly learn Finnish, even the course may not be available on DuoLingo, one can try Memrise, Mondly languages, uTalk (not sure if it is contained in the 130 languages), etc.


    Also Clozemaster is great.

    But, well, that wasn't the point of this post.


    uTalk offers Finnish.


    JFI: Are all women from Finnland that crazy like Saara?

    Speaking 20 languages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQrESb5DbEw Saara's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdoRMzGcCBpjKTClFHGI-Yg

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