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  5. "我觉得写汉字更难。"


Translation:I think writing Chinese characters is even more difficult.

November 24, 2017



I think that writing chinese characters is harder


"Hard" instead of "difficult" should be accepted, and the same goes for "that", that can be omitted.


Yes, or "even harder."


More difficult than what? Than it used to be??


Than writing in English, for instance. You're probably used to it.


When does "even" come from?

  1. Even more difficult than what? This sentence is incomplete and doesn't quite make sense.

  2. 更 can also be translated to "most" instead of more therefore, 'I think writing Chinese characters is most hard' should be accepted.


That translation makes sense to me. Colloquial, "most difficult" or equivalently, "quite difficult". That is a qualification, but a comparison, and as the earlier post suggested, it doesn't mean it is difficult for the speaker, but difficult in general.

P.S. I asked a Chinese friend of mine, and he said that, as it would be with English, that this phrase is incomplete, but represents the way they would normally say it. He said it is an implied comparison to speaking Chinese; "Writing Chinese is harder (than speaking Chinese)"

  1. Where did you find that transalation. I've only seen it transalted as 'more', 'even more' or 'futher'.

  2. The way I see it this sentence could be used as a response to statement e.g.

A: 写日語假名很难啊! (Writing japanese kana is hard!)

B: 我觉得写汉字更难。

  1. I'm just saying that 'most' would be a more sensical English translation in this context.

I agree with part 2 of your argument, but without any context this sentence doesn't make any sense and Duolingo doesn't necessarily give context.

  1. I would use the superlative form, if there was 最 instead of 更.

我觉得写汉字最难 (I think writing Chinese characters is the most difficult)

There's nothing to compare 写汉字 to, but that how you use 更in this structure. If you had a sentence with acual comparision, you would use 比 and then 更.

写汉字 比写日語假名更难 (Writing chinese characters is more difficult that writing japanese kana).


'2. The way I see it this sentence could be used as a response to statement e.g.

You are right that it could be used as a response to a statement, but in English we tend to use "than" when making comparisons.

A: I think writing Japanese kana is hard!
B: I think writing Chinese is even harder than that.

Even if the Chinese phrase is the normal way to say it, the English phrase could be improved.


here's my submission: “i think its harder to write chinese characters”


Should I think it is harder to write Chinese characters. be accepted too?


Yes it should be. They're equivalent.


i think that writing chinese characters is more difficult


'even more' is a way of expressing the difficulty without drawing attention to the speaker. I does not negate the difficulty but says it without being egotistical.


I don't understand your statement, could i trouble you to explain further? 'even more' is a comparison. Not sure what it's comparing to our how it fits the description you gave


哦,更难是even more difficult


Reported that "I feel that writing Chinese characters is harder." should also be accepted.


Grrr, also reported "I feel that..."


"Even harder" means the same things as"even more difficult."


This translation is grammatically wrong. “More” is a comparative word and needs to be complemented by “than”. That is, to be grammatically correct, the translation should read “I think writing Chinese characters is more difficult THAN swallowing molten metal.” DL fell on its own sword by using 更 instead of 很. But DL will not allow me to progress unless I assent to the grammatically wrong translation. Grrrr!


Exactly! Elsewhere in this course both what Duolingo supports and what users are in favour of is prescriptively correct English. So to insist on this grammatical error known as a "non comparative comparative" is incredibly inconsistent.


Writing Chinese" of course means writing Chinese characters!!!! Who's the stupid guy who coded this? Did he/she code with his arse?


'I think writing Chinese characters are harder to write' should be alright. give me a lingot = agree

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