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  5. "Eso sólo implica una cosa."

"Eso sólo implica una cosa."

Translation:That only implies one thing.

March 15, 2013



This is a small thing, but I'm confused about whether this verb requires an "a," as in "implicar a" or whether it does not. One example sentence has it, and another does not. Does this change the meaning?


How does one know when the meaning is "to implicate" or "to imply"? For example, if I said "Eso sólo implica una persona," can one know what the translation is? and, if so, how?


You will rarely see sentence like this apart from greater context. Here in the lessons, no biggie, IMO.


OK, I've got this far with gritted teeth, and I know the hints are imperfect but...! Why can't it be "That entails only one thing'?

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