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Slow speech option

Some screens have two options: 1) Listen [with the image of a speaker] and 2) Slower [with the image of a turtle]. Both options were working until recently. Now, the "Slower" option does not sound. It still appears, but does not work. Why? And how can I get it to function again?

November 24, 2017



Hy Lobenstein, I have the same problem.


It seems that once you get to a certain level, the slower option cannot be used

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Not so. I'm at 25 and still have the option. Also, no glitches with Firefox for Mac.


Hi Lobenstein, this problem is known. You should change your browser. (I use Google Chrome and I have no problems with the "turtle".)


It has been several weeks now, the "slow" button fails to function. Also just noticed that when you placed the mouse over the word to hear the correct pronunciation it also isn't working. I have tried different computers and browsers with no success. Is this a "new" feature or a fault?


Hi KC, it is a fault. If you have tried all these without success, you should report it in troubleshooting.


hi there I am wickersley Julie and I have tried to report this turtle speaker on a few occasions. Its crucial that this is rectified asap as I really need it.

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