Suggestion: show the reference translation even if your answer is correct.

In the web site version of Duolingo, sometimes I type in a translated sentence and it is accepted, but there is another answer that is intended / slightly better / more idiomatic. Currently, you can't see this "reference" answer in the answer area of the web page, and you don't even know if your answer is an exact match. To find out, you have to click on the link and wait for the discussion page to load it up.

The suggestion is, if your answer is not an exact match, then even if your answer is judged to be "good enough", Duo could show you the reference answer.

This is just an idea to consider. It would make it more straightforward to learn the intended translation without so much clicking around. But maybe I would miss out on reading lots of enlightening conversation. And as a software developer, I know that things that seem easy are often quite complicated to implement.

November 24, 2017

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It actually used to work like that, and they removed it. I have no idea why. There is little to no contact between course developers and software developers.

November 24, 2017
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