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slower audio has stopped working

Does anyone know why the slower audio button no longer functions in the French from English course? I wonder if it is disabled once you reach a certain fluency. I'm at 66% now, and I think it stopped working when I reached 65%. or perhaps it is just a glitch that is being repaired. Can anyone shed light on this?

November 24, 2017



I think it's a glitch, mine doesn't work sometimes and I'm only at 40%-ish percent fluency.


See also here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25265228

I just recently began experiencing this problem in multiple languages, all of which had behaved quite obediently in the past.


My slower function has also stopped working. I am on 67%. It is so annoying as more often than not it is impossible to tell exactly what they are saying - particularly the man!


I am on 69% andmine is still working OK on slow. My wife however is also having the same problem as you???


I think a glitch. I am at 67 and mine works


Perhaps they should try harder?


I've noticed it's stopped working as well..

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