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  5. "“囧”字是什么意思?"


Translation:What does the "jiong" character mean?

November 24, 2017



According to my dictionary: 囧 jiǒng NOUN ARCHAIC window ADJECTIVE 1 ARCHAIC bright 2 SLANG INTERNET awkward; embarrassed; tricky

I assume it's like an emoji because it looks like a sighing face?


Yes, eyes rolled up and jaw dropped.


This is easy to visualize that character pictorially, which looks something like this...

or something like this meme...


I CANNOT finish this net slang lesson, without this bug being fixed. Please help!


I couldn't finish this lesson in a browser for the same reason. I had to use the app on my phone.


Duolingo Chinese is so full of bugs and errors! The correct answer is not accepted using the word bank on computer, so I copied the correct answer to the clipboard, selected 'use keyboard' and pasted it there.


Thanks for sharing your 对策!


Very helpful tip to get around this issue, since many people got stuck here including me. Thanks a lot!


this question is bugged for me, no matter what i enter it comes out as incorrect


"What is the meaning of the character '囧'?" should be accepted. Currently, one can only use "jiong" to represent the character in this sentence.


Why is: 'What does "囧" mean?" wrong?


I replied with the exact same characters, including the quotation marks and my translation was marked as incorrect. This is a bug.


Is there someone else who is actually blocked at this step ? Indeed, even if you write the right sentence It always says that you have the wrong answer. I've made a report.


DUOLINGO, please fix this bug! My correct answer keeps getting rejected, and I see that others have been alerting you for more than a month...


Its also slang for emoji


At least my chinese friend said...


In the word list there is no double quotation mark so I couldn't select them then my answer was rejected.how can I get the correct answer from the word list with no double quotations?


My answer without double quotations was rejected so I picked up the marks from keyboard, bit still rejected. How did you get ok on this question?

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Report: this exercise has the bug!! The same right answer it is blocking as incorrect.

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my face is like as “囧”字, cos the fcuking bug does not let me pass the level and pushes me back.

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BUG REPORT: This exercise denies the right answer.


The solution I entered is identical to the correct solution above but for the quotation marks and is considered incorrect. Any idea as to why?


I wrote 囧”字是什么意思 but it was marked incorrect. The correct answer is given as 囧”字是什么意思. I've tried reporting it but there really isn't an option for this type of error.


Still not fixed. Reported AGAIN 30th November 2018.


Duolingo, please fix the damned bug!.


My answer is exactly as shown above, excluding the quotation marks, which are not given as an opttion. But Duolingo keeps rejecting it for no reason


The answer is exactly correct, but the app don't accept it. Please, do check it.


Please, help me. It's impossible to go on because the app don't accepct the correct answer.


What can I do? There is something wrong with the course. It doesn't accept the right answer.


Haha, Duolingo is asking me what it means? lol


what is the meaning of jiong character... should be accepted


There is no way to insert " (quotation mark) into the answer


What a useless question. I'm using Duolingo to learn Chinese that I've never seen before and I get a question that's essentially "what does {word I've not seen} mean? " That's like giving a second grader a vocab assignment: Teacher: "Use the word 'dog' in a sentence." Student: "What does the word 'dog' mean?" I've seen some Duolingo sentences that really don't explain vocab in context but this one is worst I've ever seen.


there are tips here, shown when you press the lightbulb before starting the lesson. 囧 (jiǒng, an annoyed or helpless face), meaning bright, is used to express annoyance and helplessness, given that the character looks like a face! https://www.duolingo.com/skill/zs/Internet-Slang/tips


Umm... You can tap on the words you don't know (in the app) or hover your mouse over them (on PC browser) to show their meanings. There is also a dictionary available on the browser version. Duolingo isn't really intended for one to master a language, it's just another learning tool. Even if Duolingo doesn't show the meaning, you can copy it and search it on the web, right? If you're learning a language then you shouldn't be lazy and be more curious about the meanings of the words you don't know, not complain about it on the forums.


Here's a picture of the ultra useful hover hint that duolingo gives https://imgur.com/a/HTTLhRJ

If you're teaching someone English and they don't understand a character, would you ask them to just copy the word and look it up? Not sure if you're just trolling given the profile pic.

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