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Good French podcasts?

[deactivated user]

    Does anyone know of any good French podcasts or radio plays? I'm looking for something to listen to on my walk to work. I currently listen to comedy radio plays or talk podcasts aimed at younger generations (rooster teeth podcasts are my favourite). I'm looking for something aimed at younger audiences (I'm 21, if that helps). I've tried looking before but I couldn't find anything of interest. Any suggestions?

    November 24, 2017



    Hello! I like One thing in a French Day http://onethinginafrenchday.podbean.com/ She's a Frenchwoman who posts little snippets of her life near Paris three times a week. While not specifically directed at younger audiences, I think it is great for any age or level. She talks about trips, cultural events, friends, outings, and the day-to-day with a young family. She has a wonderful, clear voice and provides transcripts with her posts. The archives are extensive.

    I highly recommend checking it out.


    Coffee Break French teaches you French. Kinda boring, but check it out1

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