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  5. "你是美国人吗?"


Translation:Are you American?

November 24, 2017



I think "Are you from the USA?" should be accepted. It slightly annoys me when people refer to the USA as "America." Like all the other countries in North and South America don't matter.


Aren't you American is not accepted??


This was fill word choices for me. How are you able to use "aren't"?


Are you from America ISN'T ACCEPTABLE?


Aren't you American is not accepted??


In English, questions and tag-questions are interchangeable. Saying "are you American" means the same as "are you not American" means the same as "you are American, aren't you".

But strictly speaking, if there is or isn't the word "not" in the sentence, and where it is placed, does change the meaning


Oh, they all give a sort of "inflection" to the meaning: sometimes you're saying "you say you're X but I don't believe it", or "I'm pretty sure you're X ... aren't you?". But we can convey most of that using our tone of voice anyway :o)

Ultimately though, they all boil down to the same question, "Are you or are you not an American?" :o)

To which my answer is, "No."


It is correct from context. The program wants you to put "you guys" to make is explicitly clear that you know 你们 is you plural.


Is "Are you from America" different? I could swear that it is accepted for other questions using the same phrase, (although with a different person).


I think the process would be better for learners to first see the country names before they see the nationalities.


Should my answer really have been accepted? I wrote "Are you from America?".

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