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Lingot givers

I've been noticing for a while I will randomly get lingots, then will have to check all of the discussions I've posted in to find who gave me them. It's a huge hassle, and a lot of the time I won't be able to find out who gave me the lingots. I think Duolingo needs to add a function where you will notified when someone gives you a lingot. For example, "??? gave you X lingots!" Like this comment or ( xD ) give me a lingot if you support this idea so the developers can see it!

November 24, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I have too many lingots anyway, so have some lingots :)

    [deactivated user]

      I often give users lingots on my XP contest! You are in it and I do the random lingot giveaway every two days.


      I kind of like having this be anonymous.


      Yeah, it leaves you wondering who gave you those lingots. Some good mystery!


      But you get notified when someone follows you.


      Or an option to switch between the two. An option to "donate" lingots with your name on it would probably result in an increase in the amount of lingots getting "donated" in general.


      That's a pretty good idea! Take a lingot.


      I don't necessarily need to know who gave me the lingots, but I at least want to know for what comment I got it for.


      Sometimes it is just the lingot leprechaun, if it is then you probably won't be able to find out because it just appear in your account.


      this is a GREAT idea !

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