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  5. "Which wine is expensive?"

"Which wine is expensive?"

Translation:어느 와인이 비쌉니까?

November 24, 2017



Why is it not 와인는?


I have the same doubt, but I see that, 11 months latter, no one has answered you. Sad.


why can't I use 와인은 instead of 와인이 because I belive wine here is the topic of the sentence, not the subject right?


I said 어느 와인은 비쌉니까. Why is 와인은 wrong here?


i chose as an answer "와인이 어느 비쌉니까?" and i got it wrong. i know that the Korean course is still in its beta phase, but in Korean, as far as i know, if you use the particles correctly, you don't have to worry about word order. am i right?


It's true you can reorder pieces of a sentence around but in Korean, just like in English, determiners (e.g. "that" in "that dog", "this" in "this car", "a" in "a cat", "which" in "which car", "what" in "what bread", etc.) always affect the noun that immediately follows. In English "car this" does not mean "this car", "bread what" does not mean "what bread", "car which" does not mean "which car", and so on. The same is true in Korean. 어느 always precedes the noun it affects so you need to keep it before the noun it affects.

Here's a more Illustrative example:

무슨 차 - what tea (무슨 is a determiner, just like 어느)

그 여자 - that woman

좋아해요 - like

그 여자가 무슨 차를 좋아해요? - What tea does that woman like?

The subject and object can be switched around to write 무슨 차를 그 여자가 좋아해요? and mean the same but notice that the subject is not 여자 but rather 그 여자. Likewise the object is not 차를 but rather 무슨 차를.

So what happens when we switch determiners? This happens:

무슨 여자가 그 차를 좋아해요? - What woman likes that tea?

Note how the subject is now 무슨 여자가 instead of 그 여자가 and the object is now 그 차를 instead of 무슨 차를. So this question is not the same as the previous one.

The answer you actually wrote is not grammatical in Korean as 어느 is not affecting a noun.


I got it wrong too. But i think this one wants us to completely overall


Why is 어느 포도주가 비쌉니까 refused ? Why cant I use 포도주? Why must I use the "english" word 와인?


Same question here, it should be accepted

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