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French Subjunctive - Help!

Does this make sense?

je voudrais que l’argent que je gagne ce soit plus parce que je devrai payer des factures.

I want to use the subjunctive in my sentence.

November 24, 2017



Je voudrais gagner plus d'argent pour pouvoir payer les factures.


I don't think there's anything in this sentence that needs the subjunctive.

If I'm understanding your sentence correctly, you're trying to express that you want to make more money because you have to pay your bills, in which case I'd say: Je voudrais gagner plus d'argent parce que je dois payer les factures.


Thanks so much for your help and the link!


No, that's not an idiomatic sentence at all.

You want to say "I'd like to earn more to pay my bills", it seems. "I would" is the conditional, so you use the conditional in French, too.


help me ! I don't know where to use the subjonctif present or the conditionnel present !

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