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Reached German Level 24 today!

Hallo Leute!

Heute hab ich Niveau vierundzwanzig erreicht! Today I have reached Level 24. I post progress reports simply as a way to encourage others who may have just started. Keep with it!

24 November 2017: I have a streak of 358 days. I have reached Level 24. My Duo "proficiency" is 69%. I have a "learned" word count of 2,696, and have a total of 26,006XPs. That's an average of 73 XPs per day, but there have been days I have only gotten 20 or 30, just to keep my streak going, and then extreme days, like today, where I have done enough exercises to get several hundred points.

I sometimes listen to German channels on YouTube. The ones I like are "SmarterGerman.com", "Learn German with Ania", "Learn German with Jenny", and "Easy German". I'm sure there are many great channels out there, but I do not have much time to watch / listen, and I find these good / effective.

For an added frame of reference, I just took this German placement test: https://www.expath.de/expath-german-language-placement-test/

My results were Level A2.2 -- 39 out of 100. I'm disappointed, but not completely surprised. I also took the test while not completely focused, and in a very distracting environment.

Viel erfolg mit deinem deutsch!

November 24, 2017



Congratulations! Alles Gute! :)


Das ist eine großartige Leistung. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! ☺


Sehr gut. Ausgezeichnet! :)


Congrats!!!! I reached 24 two days ago! my question is, is there a next level??? and if so how do I get to it?

But congrats it is an achievement that is somewhat difficult to obtain without commitment to achieve the final goal! Not many have that commitment!!!


Hi Mark, yes, there is a next level. The highest level is 25. And you only need 574 XP for the next level. (According to your profile, you are in level 23 at the moment.)


As said below -- there is a next level. You reach L24 at 26,000 XPs, and then L25 at 30,000 XPs.

Vielen Dank! Viel erfolg mit deinem Deutsch.


Congratulations Jim, I have reached level 22 and 23990 XP points. I am also at 68%. According to my Duo account I am at the end, having said that I haven't done any of the Bots or all the Bonus skills (not sure what value there is in me learning to flirt in German, bad enough at it in English). I still find some of the things hard to get to and response from Duo lingo is not what I expected. I will keep on practising as I like the way you practise your reading and writing skills as well as the verbal. I think for me anyway I need to get some formal school training as well as there are not a lot of German speakers in my near vicinity. I have trouble understanding things especially the quicker some people are than others. In any case congratulations. Guten Tag, Aufweidersehn.


I haven't done the Bots since my early months. I did the two available bonus skills --- there was a third last year, "Christmas", which they removed. I would encourage you to continue practicing, as Duo will add words, and the exercises do change when you repeat the "Strengthen" part. I'm not saying there aren't better ways to learn, just that I believe Duo can get you well into the upper A-level of proficiency.
Viel erfolg!


ya Congratulations.

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Congrats! I reached a legendary 4 today! Good luck!



Gut gemacht! Weiter so.


Great! I started learning German maybe month and a half ago and currently I am at 30 days streak with count of some 1,100 words in. Did it help you much? You started from zero or? I also learn it "intensively" by reading German, listening German, private courses etc.. But Duolingo offers you a bit different entrance into the language, so it's why I like it.


I did not start from zero. I studied German in high school, and a little in college --- but that was a really long time ago. My last formal class would have been nearly thirty years ago. Duolingo has helped a lot.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch


Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Das ist ja super!


Congratulations! I assume you have already finished the tree and now just 'strengthening' to keep them golden?


Yes --- I keep re-doing exercises to become more "automatic" with my understanding, and to - hopefully - pick up more of the grammar and vocabulary. I also want to get to level 25, and 3,000 words. I believe those are the "max" for Duolingo German at this time.


A year!! Wow!! I'm still at level 9 and working hard. My only motivation is to first familiarize with words in German and basic sentence constructions. The rest will gel in.. No worries!! Just reading the post I have learnt something. I.e Viel erfolg = Good luck @JimMellon Viel erfolg lerne Deutch!! Hope that is right!! Haha! Tschuss!!


Nice job, man! I fell off the wagon for a while, but I'm back at it now and gilding the medallions again. I needed a little motivation today. So... THANKS!


Vielen Dank! Happy to be able to provide some motivation. One day at a time! Viel erfolg!

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