"Notre invité nous attend en bas."

Translation:Our guest is waiting for us downstairs.

March 15, 2013

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why suggest that 'en-bas' means down below, then mark me down for it. Stupid duolingo


why not "down below"?


Would a female guest be ¨une invitée¨?


Perhaps (but alas, there is no context) they are on a boat-----down below!!


Same problem, "down below" isn't allowed but is suggested as an option and was the only one that seemed to make sense. Very strange. Instead "below" is given as the correct answer.


en bas could mean below


In the example: "en bas de la page", yes it means "below"

But when you are in a house, "en bas" translates to "downstairs"


But the phrase doesn't say they are in a house. They could be in a garden at the top of a hill, for instance. Besides which, I know I've used the term 'below' to mean downstairs before. 'the guests are below' is definitely a term I would use. I wouldn't say 'below' is a wrong answer just because downstairs is more usual.


Agreed. In that perspective, the French could be "en-dessous".


Why not accept "below" as an answer since that can mean either downstairs or be specific to another context...


Is it only a Scottish thing to say 'He is waiting on us' as an alternative to 'waiting for us'?


No, we say that in the US as well.


But, at least in the US, and depending on context, "waiting on" someone can also mean attending to or serving them in some manner. "Do it yourself, I'm not going to wait on you." I imagine this is where the terms "waiter" and "waitress" come from.


Notre sounded like net :(


What is the difference between awating and waiting?


"to await" is directly transitive: our guest is awaiting us.

"to wait for" needs a preposition: our guest is waiting for us.


thank you very much


Just to be clear, in this context we are using "to wait for" correct? Does that make the preposition "en"? If "awaiting" was used, would you omit the en but the construction would otherwise remain the same? French prepositions man..... I dunno.

Side note: Is it "attend" and not "attendons" because the guest is the subject of the sentence?


"en bas" has no link with verbs "attendre/await", that are directly transitive, i.e. there is no need for a preposition, unlike "wait for", to introduce its object (nous/us):

  • our guests are awaiting us downstairs = our guests are waiting for us downstairs = nos invités nous attendent en bas.
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