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Is it possible I was kicked out of a club for getting too many points?

I joined a club so I could get the "join a club" achievment. After I joined, I saw the next thing was to get to the top of the leaderboard, so I did. The next goal after that was to win for the week, so I was like "OK, I'll just practice as much as it takes win then."

Anyway, there was another person in the club who was obviously also trying to win. I did like 500xp on the first day to stay ahead of her, and then she pulled ahead on the next day so I did another 500 the second day. After that, she quit the club. The rest of the people in the club were pretty far behind, but I wanted to made sure I won, so I did like 300 the third day, and today, the 4th day, I did like 400 more. Got to get that achievment.

So by this point I had 1700xp for the week and the next closest person was at 400 and something. I was just trying to hedge my bets in case someone did a sprint in the last day or two to catch up. Anyway, I go back to the club view, and suddenly I only see clubs I can join. I don't see my club anymore.

I don't know if this means I was kicked by the admin or what. I just want to get that achievment, and now it looks like I can't. This is kind of annoying, since I've spent like nine hours on it in the past four days. I mean, it's nine hours of German practice, so it's not exactly a waste, but I wouldn't have been that crazy about it if I was't trying to get the achievement.

This vexes me.

edit: I tried clearning the data to reset the android app, in case it was some bug, but it still looks like I'm not in any club.

November 24, 2017



Clubs are random and seem to be run according to the whim of whomever starts them. They may just have decided you were setting the bar too high.


if thats the case, thats super petty.


what a pity all you have done is compete!- have lingot for your hard work which should be celebrated x


Have a lingot back for your kind words! after so much practice, I have more than I know what to do with!


I have been kicked out of clubs also, I was trying to get to a group not related to K-Pop while learning Korean, the only one I found was one that said bucket list, and like you, I thought it was a bug and entered the group again after kicked, and then got kicked again. It seems that the admin has all the privileges to kick you without notice. So we might never know.


hahaha the bts army is huge theyre pretty much on every website


Based on my experience, as long as no one trumps the top score (which is yours), you will still be the club's top scorer, because it is still logged regardless of your membership status at the end of the week.


Then the admin failed! Lol


you could possibly been kicked so that the other people can catch up


I mean, I can understand how it would be frustrating for other people that I was making it difficult to catch up... but that was sort of the point -- not to make them frustrated, just to make sure I won. It wasn't even about me being the best or having to win or something. It was my first week in a club and I was just trying to get that achievment. Arrg. Annoying!


Hm... Maybe start your own club then?


I'm in two clubs. One club I created in Spanish from English. A few times I almost kicked someone out by accident. Maybe that was what happened. Normally I just delete people who haven't played for a week or two. The second club I joined in is in English from Spanish. In that club people are really competing. Four people went over 1,000 xp last week.

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