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  5. "These boats are tall."

"These boats are tall."


November 24, 2017



Another example of Duolingo not being to speak English :-|


The text doesn't say 'very' to describe tall - shouldn't it be 这些船高?


很 (hěn) is often a grammatical link between a noun and adjective, which translates as "is/are" rather than "very". If these boats are very tall, it would more likely be: 这些船非常高 (非常 = fēicháng = very).

You can read the tips and notes from the DuoLingo lesson called "Greetings 2", or here is a longer explanation from AllSetLearning


This sentence doesn't sound natural at all


You mean the English or mandarin? We have tall ships, they are rather... tall.


I have already left a comment on the opposite translation thread. I am not sure in this particular case Japanese and Chinese use same logic, but in Japanese the word could refer to an item being expensive, not tall. So it is either 'big boats' or 'expensive boats'. Either way it is confusing and calls for revision...

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