"Ați găsit ce ați căutat!"

Translation:You found what you searched for!

November 24, 2017

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wouldn't LOOKED FOR be better than SEARCHED FOR ? wouldn't SEARCH be enough ?


"You found what you were looking for!" would be a more natural answer. The statement was an exclamation, not a question.


I believe "looked for" is the same as "searched for".


I've just had a sentence in this same lesson with 2 verbs - 'Nu am stiut ce vreau'= 'I didn't know what I wanted with the first verb in the past tense, but the second in the present tense. However on this sentence both verbs are in the past tense - gasit and cautat! Is this an error on Duolingo's part or is it a quirk of Romanian? Could someone please explain the rules for using 2 verbs in a sentence talking about the past? Thanks!


Does English really ban the usage of present for the second verb? I am thinking of "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" :-)


If you have not found yet, you are still looking for it, therefore the second action is still actual and you can use the present tense, but if both actions are in the past it is very important the tense concordance. In English I guess, but in Italian I can assure you that if a pupil at school writes "non sapevo che cosa voglio" (Nu am stiut ce vreau), he gets a very bad mark. Therefore it is important for us to know if in Romanian tense concordance is important or not.


I was trying to make people smile :-) "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" is a famous song by U2... As for the tense concordance it's the same in Romanian as you described: It depends whether the actions are finished or not. If the item has been "found" then you can use "Ați găsit ce ați căutat" or "Ați găsit ce căutați"(here it's not the present tense but the imperfect). If the item has not been "found" then you can use "Nu ați găsit ce ați căutat" or "Nu ați găsit ce căutați"(here both present tense and imperfect can be valid).


Thank you for the useful explanation. I have not yet arrived at the imperfect tense, but i will remember when I get there. (Sorry for my little knowledge of U2...)


Romanian accepts both constructions.

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