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Is Pinyin a Considered a Separate Language?

I've been learning some Chinese with the course Duolingo offers, in Mandarin.

I'm just curious, is Pinyin considered a separate language from Chinese and English, or is it Chinese in another form?

I saw separately on a table with the characters, Pinyin, and then English translation.

November 24, 2017



Pinyin is a phonetic transcription for Mandarin.


Interestingly, Pinyin is a language, but it's completely unrelated to Mandarin or any other Sinitic language.


That's super interesting, it even features uvular nasal sounds :D


I couldn't help but laughed. (Sorry to be impolite. My full respect to the people using it.)

原来如此 is the Chinese wisdom I would use. Say it when you suddenly understand something you have never thought about.


No, it's like the same thing with Japanese symbols vs romaji. Same language, just in letters instead of characters.


Pinyin is not a language but a writing system. Writing systems are arbitrary sets of symbols used to represent some aspect of (typically) the sounds of a language. Pinyin is a system for using letters from the Roman alphabet to indicate the sounds of Modern Standard Mandarin (which people commonly call 'Chinese').

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