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Question- Yuan and numbers in Chinese

I love what Duolingo's done with the Chinese course! However, when it comes to the numbers and yuan in the select-and-drag option, I have a suggestion.

Whenever it says, translate, "ninety yuan" or "two hundred yuan" or something like that, there are usually a bunch of single characters and then one three or four character box that's the obvious answer, such as

|你| |一| |四| |四十元| |六|

That's too simple. Learners may not pay enough attention to the characters in the box, and may not learn it.

What I'm asking here is that they give several single characters in separate boxes, and have us arrange them, so we learn. Any insight on this?

November 24, 2017



I strongly agree this is a topic that should be addressed, and your ideas are great in my opinion. Have a Lingot.


I agree. I personally think it's way too easy to pass those sections without learning, and when I get to sections where i have to type out the actual translations I'm virtually clueless.


Yup, it would be a great idea. However, I posted something about separating words and certain users said that they had no problem with it. Others said that there was no space for too much separation.

However, separating a lot would mean flexibility with space (no repeat characters), and so they should have some space.


I agree that numbers needs to be single characters so we can pick the right ones. ALSO I can't find anywhere that it says what number each Chinese sound is! Am I missing something? Usually I can get a drop down menu in French to get the word I'm trying to learn but here I find no translations. Luckily I know my numbers up to 10, but if I didn't I don't see how anyone could learn them here. Even if the numbers we are learning were in the notes, at least I could read it before I start. But the only notes I found were on how the tones change, nothing about which sounds were which numbers. IF you found something I didn't could you let me know? Thanks


You need to mouse-over the characters in the sentence exercises to get the translations as hover hints. As a lot of people seemed to be complaining about this, I went through the numbers skill to check this, and they are all there (albeit often only once—considerably more sentences in this skill would be a great improvement).


一 one 二 two 三 three 四 four 五 five 六 six 七 seven 八 eight 九 nine 十 ten

All the rest of the numbers (11-on) go like this

十一 eleven 十二 twelve 十三 thirteen 。。。 and so on...

二十 twenty 二十一 twentyone 二十二 twenty two 二十三 twenty three 。。。 三十 thirty


And so on and so on, with 一百 being 100.


I just found this resource where someone put together a complete list of Chinese numbers 1-100. It's worth looking at: https://blogs.transparent.com/chinese/chinese-numbers-1-100/

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