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  5. "我胖了十多公斤!"


Translation:I have gained more than ten kilograms!

November 25, 2017



"i've put on over ten kilograms" was rejected but I think it should be accepted


That's right! Make sure to press the flag and report the error so that it will be more likely to be corrected by the course developers. 志同道合


哈哈,感谢朋友。 嗯已经做了。Hey, btw, if I hadn't already done it, is there a way to go directly back to these sentences?


No, unfortunately. Once you click 'Continue' you have to wait until you get the question again (which you can do by clicking 'Redo' on the lesson page).


Then hit the report button. The duo team doesnt see anything in the comments.


did they actually give options to phrase the sentence in that manner? if so, then yes it should be correct.


Your answer is correct of course. It's ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Duo who can't speak nor write proper English. Many people make highly valuable remarks that fall on deaf ears. Don't know who's listening...


What's the correct way to say "I've gained ten more pounds"?


It's pretty simple: 我 胖了十多公斤!


公斤 is kilogram, it is not pounds


The correct way to specify that you gained another ten pounds in weight, as used in America, would be 我又胖了4.54公斤 or 我又胖了十磅。

磅 (ㄅㄤˋ –– baǹg) is the word for the unit of weight equal to 454 grams.


Mark 一下,I have gained more than ten kilograms


So 1斤= 1kg? Isn't there a Chinese transliteration for kilogram? If there is, how often is it used, if at all?


1 斤 (also called a catty) is closer to 1/2 kg (about 600 grams) and often used in markets when buying meat or produce. A kilogram is a 公斤 (cf. 公里,公克, etc.).


I work in foreign trade in Argentina, in the export declaration, in China, they declare 千克qian1ke4 as kilogram. So many ways to refer to it!


My answer: I have gained ten more kilograms. Correct answer: I have gained more then ten kilograms.

These are two very different sentences. Mine should habe been marked incorrect


Worst nightmare for a Chinese person.


I wrote, "I gained ten kilograms" and it was marked incorrect. It seems to me that one could translate this as "I have gained..." or simply "I gained...". Have I missed something here?


The reason your answer is incorrect is because 十多 means "more than 10", it could be anywhere between 10.1 and 19.9, the speaker is not being precise about how much weight, but it's definitely more than 10.


I think "i gained ten plus kilos" should be acceptable. Informal, but it's how I would say it.

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