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  5. "뉴욕, 워싱턴"

"뉴욕, 워싱턴"

Translation:New York, Washington

November 25, 2017



There is a bug where ㄴ sounds like "d"


ㄴ is sometimes pronounced as a d, not a mistake, the same is in 노래


Why is washington wroted like 'teon' and not more like 'ton'?


It's because the romanisation doesn't fully correspond to English phonology.


어 has two common pronunciations, depending on context: open-mid or low-mid back unrounded vowel /ʌ/, the a sound in fAther; and the mid central vowel /ə/, a schwa, as in -er in hover. It is never pronounced as the O in British lot, hop, ton. For that reason, the only sensible way to romanise the final syllable of Washington, is as they do (as pointed out by the others).


Names are also spelled as they sound not as they are written, washington is a name so they go by its sound and not the english way of writting it.


Because Korean likes writing things how they're pronounced


I love that when you type your response to this instead of clicking the buttons for it, even if you type it perfectly it says you're incorrect, that's super fun :)


Can someone please tell me why Washington is written as Woshington ? Like why not use the double vowel "wa" ?


When something is a name they spell it how it is pronounced not how it is written, we have to remember that in the korean "alphabet" every letter of the english does not appear.


Esto lo califico mal


It is written new york but it only sounds new!

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