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  5. "我用多邻国学习中文。"


Translation:I use Duolingo to learn Chinese.

November 25, 2017



haha, I like the choice of characters to transliterate Duolingo...more neighbouring countries....so if you use duolingo you can converse with folk in more neighbouring countries...or by extension I like to think of it as the whole world becomes your neighbour, hehe


Agree! Duolingo's Chinese name is so meaningful. 多领国 literally translates as "many neighbouring countries", a whole level of appreciation in bridging different cultures and languages.


It is 多邻国, not 多领国


Awesome way to see it


Agree! I was so mindblown the first time I saw their translation while poking around Duolingo haha


"I use Duolingo to study chinese" was rejected but should be accepted


just submitted this and got accepted :)


In fact "study" is more accurate than "learn". If anything, 'learn' should be disallowed.


do you know of any better word for learn than 学习? as far as I'm aware both study and learn are appropriate translations.


In another discussion, someone suggested 学 means "learn" and 学习 means "study". I can't be sure that is true, but it's how I've been using them ever since. In English they share a close meaning, but are not identical.


Antonio "studying a language" has a whole different meaning than "learning a language". Studying a language can refer to linguists learning everything about the history of the language, it's origin, culture and how it evolved. Learning a language on the other hand.. Is just knowing how to use the language, nothing more. Learning Chinese is not the same as learning about China or the Chinese people though studying Chinese could mean that.


Why? Elaborate please.


I agree with Ankichikun. Consider another example: My Chinese students often say "I learnt English this morning". This is absurd; it implies completion. You could say "I learnt English in school (and now I'm fluent)" but it isn't a task of two hours. You could say "I learnt (about) the present perfect" or tag questions, but not the entire language. What is meant is "I studied English this morning." In this sentence the difference isn't so stark, but I'd still prefer study over learn.


我用我的男朋友学习中文...哈哈哈 ^^


Sounds like self promoting to me


Nothing wrong with a bit of shameless self promotion. Gotta keep us hooked!


I think they're makong fun of themselves :)


Why not "I learn chinese on duolingo"?


Most likely because they want you to use the word "to use" since that's the one used in the Chinese sentence

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    Oh noes, it seems I got myself into a recursion!

    [deactivated user]

      我用多邻国有中文的头疼! ;-p

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