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Duolingo may be unhelpful in some languages...

Languages that don't use the latin ABC alphabet, may be hard to learn or are just confusing and you cannot understand. Discuss how you feel about this.

November 25, 2017



Russian was pretty straight forward in the very early lessons regarding alphabet. Maybe it's because it is also phonetic and uses single letters like ours, but nevertheless I think getting used to a new script at a comfortable level takes indeed some time and repetition.


Although Duolingo is very helpful, some languages are very hard to learn. I have been trying to learn the Korean language and it feels very repetitive and annoying. I hope that as I learn it becomes easier to understand. I also have been seeing that. Comment your opinions too! It doesn't need to be about the Korean language.


Don't be discouraged, it's an entirely different alphabet and takes time. I recommend learning it/practicing it off duolingo aswell though.It seems relatively simple, but still kind of takes time to make that connection in your brain with the proper sound.

My tips are to not rely on the duolingo speech too much while doing later lessons, but try to force yourself to read each individual thing, even if it takes a bit of time. Oh, and another thing you can do is, assuming you like kpop (from your pic lol), you can try and write out member names or song titles/lyrics etc. so you can remember some components easier with sounds you already know.

Regarding the duolingo alphabet lessons, the only complaints I have that they could add better sounds, cus some of them are wrong, and make the matching up bit less messy.

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