"Address me without 'gui', My surname is Wang."


November 25, 2017



I was so confused by this before doing some research. I guess this is a response to "您贵姓?", which I now recall learning from my Chinese 1 textbook ten years ago, but never heard in real life.

November 25, 2017


This puzzled me too.

Actually, in Taiwan using 贵姓 is totally normal in offices, shops, hospitals etc. But, I gather it's more rarely used in 大陸.

A: 您贵姓? B: 免贵, 我姓王。

So, 免贵 is a bit like saying 別那麼客氣.

At least, that's how I understand it. I'm curious to know how much 免贵 is used.

November 25, 2017


Seriously, I start to find this word interesting. So I did some research.

First I've found this on the Internet:


The contributor of this page mentioned the book 《雍正剑侠图》. Which is a newspaper serial novel published between 1928-1943.

I've tried to look up 免贵 in a few online Chinese text corpora and I can't find any example before ROC. The earliest example of 免贵 is this book, which can be found in the Beijing University Text Corpus of Ancient Chinese: https://ccl.pku.edu.cn:8080/ccl_corpus/ (Even in text corpora for contemporary Chinese, 免贵 is extremely hard to find.)

So this word seems to be a neology created in ROC era / a colloquial or regional usage rediscovered in modern era, thanks to the increase of literacy?

I haven't tried the early mandarin text corpus of Academia Sinica (https://www.sinica.edu.tw/Early_Mandarin) yet. I think its link is broken, because it always redirects me to the home page of Academia Sinica.

November 25, 2017
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