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  5. "这次我买单。"


Translation:I get the check this time.

November 25, 2017



Is it just me, or is there no way i could have gotten the so callled correct answer from the hints given? That needs to be fixed.


I think it's fixed now (13.10.18)


"The check" is very American. Even in Canada we don't say that. "The bill" would be much more international (and standard)


Agreed. It did not occur to me that "check" was being used that way until i was marked wrong


It's so annoying hey.. You'd never hear that in the UK or Australia


This time I pay the bill.

It'a also OK.


That's an awkward phrasing in English. It's more natural to say "This time I'm paying the bill"


Or "This time I'll pay the bill".


Or "It's my turn to pay"


You ain't in Kansas no more buddy


This time I'LL pay the bill.


Other variants should be acceptable, like "This time I'll pay the check."


I tried that and it was accepted as correct! Duo evolves. Yaaay!


The hints are useless. 买单 means to pay the bill. The hint implied that it meant to check or verify something.


It's not a perfect translation. 买单 was explained to me as meaning "buy the list", and is used where we would say "check, please".


No, the hint says check, which is a synonym of (the) bill, although another sense is verification like you mentioned


The problem here is 'check' in this context is American English, not well understood by other English speakers.


It should be understood by all native English speakers. I'm Australian and we say "bill" here but I'd be surprised if any Australians didn't understand stuff like "check please".

Of course without enough context and depending on the phrasing it could be misunderstand due to "check" also being a verb.


I think some of the confusion is that even if I were to use the word "check" in a financial sense I'd spell it "cheque". So therefore if a UK (and possibly some other variants of) English speaker saw check as the hint they wouldn't think of a bill or cheque.


That's Chinese mis-understanding of American (mis?)-use of English. It's a cheque in English.


"I get the check this time" is bad English, plain and simple. I appreciate this is a Chinese course, but the English should at least be to a minimal standard. (And yes "check" is an American-only word, but I think most of us still understand it).


"I get the check" is NOT correct English, and no native speaker would ever say that. The phrase is "I'll get the check." Even a 'aloppy' native speaker would never say "I get" in this context. It's simply unnatural, and hope you'll correct it, esp. if the system is suggesting to foreign learners that that's an acceptable phrasing.


"I'm buying this time" or "this time I'm buying" should be accepted


How about "This time it's my treat." ?


I mean, we could use that in English, but in Chinese they would say something like 这次我请你 for "this time it's my treat"


That's probably acceptable as an idiomatic translation into American English. Elsewhere in the course they have a totally different Chinese sentence equated with "It's my treat". I think it's "wo qing ni" so since there's not a literal way to translate that into Chinese the idiomatic translations should work there and here.


That's what I wrote, and also something I've heard native speakers of English use now and then. I think it should be accepted.


It's a simple fix "I'll get....." rather than "I get....." becasue it signifies intention not habit, so we use future tense (this is true even for oral English as well). Just add an 'll to the word blocks


Bad english this answer


I will take the check, I will pay the check, should be accepted. The literal translation (buy) is not English, and "get the check" is the same as "take the check" or "pay the check"

[deactivated user]

    "I get the check" is just bad English. It should be "I'll get the check"


    the suggested correct translation feels like it is missing a "will" or "I'll"


    It should be, "I will get the check this time." The current translation is an incomplete sentence.


    The tiles I had to choose from (20/04/20) gave me the only option of choosing "I get this check"... What HORRIBLE English!! I'll get this cheque I'll pay this bill... anything else wpuld have been better


    I've got the check this time should be the same?


    买 means "buy" so "pay the check" is a correct translation. In fact it it much better English than "get the check"


    "Get the check" is idiomatic American English. Note that "check" is American anyway, elsewhere we say "bill". So here in Australia "I'll get the bill" sounds totally unnatural but "I'll get the check" sounds like perfectly natural American phrasing.


    In the United States using 'check' or 'bill' is what you have become accustom to. I say 'this time I am buying'. I hear that more.


    It should be "I will get the check this time" (or bill). "I'm paying the bill this time" also works. The current English translation is unnatural.


    I will get the check this time This time, I will get the check

    Or more commonly: it's on me


    The grammar of the english translation is off. "This time, i will get the cheque." Or "I'll pay this time."


    So, this sentence basically means "It's on me". I didn't get the meaning out of those word hints...


    Really bad English translation. I would not accept that from my students


    shouldn't "this time, my bill" also be acceptable. it literally translates to that, so i'm confused as to why it wouldn't be acceptable too as a possible answer.


    I get the check this time is not proper English it's I'll get the check this time like what the heck


    This is grammatically incorrect in English. It should be: l'll get the check this time.


    Is that phrase used often? 我請客 is more common?


    In the Chinese there is no sense of future or present, so 'I will pay...' and 'I am paying ...' and 'I pay ...' are all pretty much equivalent. (Insert verb phrase of choice for 'pay', eg, 'get the check').


    "Will" doesn't always mean future in English, in fact this is why English doesn't really have a future tense. It also indicates will or volition. But also in English we can use "will" for the present and the future and not using can also be used for the present or future. But it depends on other things. In this case "I get the check this time" sounds like foreigner English but "I'm getting the check this time" and "I'll get the check this time" both sound perfectly fine


    In English we would say 'I will get the bill this time' .. check is American


    I get the bill this time


    What is wrong with my check this time? The others would not ne common language use for me.


    This should be "i will get the check this time" or "I'm getting the check time time"


    In Canada if feels the most natural to say, "I'll get the bill this time" or "let me get/pay the bill".


    Is this the same as "I pay the bill this time"? Beginner here.


    This is a clumsy use of English. "I'll get the check this time" would be better.


    Very idiomatic "this is on me" or "I ll get this" are at least as good. 'Check' is very, almost uniquely, American as others have commented.


    "I get the check this time" in incredibly awkward in English. It should potentially be changed to something like "I will get the check this time" or "I got the check this time".


    What does that even mean


    Needs to be "I'll"


    I don't mind getting an answer wrong but, as a suggestion for the designers, adding the 'will' would repair this nicely. In addition, I'd suggest taking the 'want' out as a block choice because communicatively you could argue that this sentence relays a desire to pay for the check. I didn't choose "I get the check" because it doesn't signal willingness so I used "I want the check" even though though there was no Xiao or yao in the sentence.


    Why the answer like that? I even doesn't what it is...


    Also there is now auxiliary verb. It's 'I will get the check this the time'...


    strange way of saying that in English


    How on earth can " i get the check this time " be considered good English??


    This says this is my check!


    I feel like I've never heard a Chinese person say that before. Does anyone know if this is more common in China? Whenever I eat out with my parents and other Chinese families, it's always "我请客" not “我买单”


    Once again, a more correct English answer is marked wrong.


    What do you all think about "This time I take the bill"?


    this is American, not English. "I will get the bill this time" is native English English.


    The "english" translation is unnatural


    This time I pay for the bill


    No that's not how we say it. We say "pay for the meal" but "pay the bill" without "for". You can also use "for" when somebody will benefit, such as "This time I'll pay for you".


    you do not use the preposition "for" in standard grammar in this type of sentence


    If any sees this post, There is more than one way to say this in English and Chinese, Dou needs to pick which one and that they match. This one does not.

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