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  5. "星期四下午我们会参观历史博物馆。"


Translation:We will visit the history museum on Thursday afternoon.

November 25, 2017



"on thursday afternoon we'll visit the history museum" was rejected but should be accepted


The audio for "参" is wrong 06/24/2018


how do you know when to pronounce 参 as shēn versus cān?


Context. Wiktionary has a list of compound terms for each etymology/pronunciation that might be helpful to take a look at:

Notice that for most of the more common terms (i.e. those with definitions in Wiktionary), "cān" comes first in the compound, and "shēn" comes second.


That is an interesting site. I did see 参观 as cānguān. In the audio I hear shēn. So that makes it more confusing. I guess learning more vocabulary is the key.


I suppose. For what it's worth, "人參" ("ginseng") is the only "shēn" compound that I was somewhat familiar with, and there seem to be a lot more practical opportunities in everyday discourse to use "cān" compounds.

Also, for what it's worth, when I play the audio I hear "cānguān".


Yes, most of the time you can assume it's cān. 人参 and 海参 (sea cucumber) are pretty much the only exceptions.


My mistake was hovering over 参, then it plays 'shēn'. When you play the whole sentence you hear 'cān'. Thanks for saying you heard 'cān', it made me double check. It is good to know I have not lost my mind (yet).


Ah, mystery solved. I wonder if they have an option to apply the "cān" pronunciation to the lone character here.


"We are going to the history museum Thursday afternoon" 2/22/18


Can "this thursday afternoon" be accepted instead of "on thursday afternoon?" It's implicit that the nearest thursday afternoon is what's being referred to, anyway.


I don't think so. What if you're planning a trip a couple of weeks out, and you want to talk about what you'll be doing on the Thursday of the trip?

I think it's better to mirror the generality of the Chinese sentence here, to make the translation fit in the same range of contexts.


History museum.... tell me of a museum that doesn't concern itself with history.


An art museum?

Sure, it has historical art too, but modern art museums do exist too :P


The Math museum in Manhattan, NYC


I puzzled with this, but decided that since Chinese seems to lump all kinds of galleries, collections and exhibitions into one thing, then adding 'history' was needed. I go to an art gallery, not an art museum, for example. (BTW Chinese museums rarely have gift shops unlike their European counterparts - and when they do they are uninspired, maybe they have plenty of State funding?).


Can we say 历史馆,instead of repeating the 博物 part? Because you seem to be fine doing that with “美术博物馆” or 美术馆


No. "美术馆" is "art gallery", which is different from an art museum.


"we will visit history museum on Thursday afternoon." ?


In English the article is required: "the history museum".


tarenatai shitte dasuki yo

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