"Can you come to my birthday party?"


November 25, 2017

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is it wrong to use 可以 insted of 能 in this case?


I don't think so. Seems good to me. Though 可以 may be more formal ot more polite. It's wonderfull how many ways there are to say things in chinese...


Isnt 能 used for if you are allowed, rather than if you can?

你能开车吗? - Are you allowed to drive?

你会开车吗? - Can you drive?


会 would mean "have the ability". So 你会开车吗? would literally mean Do you have the ability to drive a car? which can be translated as Can you drive a car? but in case of party you don't ask if someone has ability, but rather if he/she is allowed/wants to come


Is 'de' really needed there?


Good point. Report it.


why is it 生日派对 and not 生日的派对? I thought the adjective that is before the main noun should have 的 in the middle why is it not there


It's not adjective+noun

For example: She is a tall woman 她很高的女人


你可能去来我的生日派对吗?and I'm wrong, apparently but google translates it as: "Could you come to my birthday party?"

I can't see any reason it shouldn't be accepted, why did I pay for this again?!?!?!


You need either 去 or 来, not both. You either ask them to go (some other place), or to come (to yours), not both. Google translate is MTL (machine translation) and thus highly unreliable translating between such different languages as Chinese and English. It can help you find the general idea behind a text, but not the correct translation.


Can 会 replace 能 here?


If you used 会 in its place, the meaning would be closer to "will you be coming to my party" or "are you going to come to my party?" Similar meaning, but in this case we are asking "can you" (physcially able to).


Why 来 but not 去?

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