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Permanently Skipping the Alphabet Lessons

I lived in Korea for a number of years and know the Korean alphabet as well as I know the English alphabet. When I started the Korean Duolingo course, I tested out of that section, but of course my strength went down over time. My issue is that when I choose "Strengthen Skills" it always starts me back at the alphabet. Unless I go into each skill individually, I have to go through another test of what letters make what sounds, and since I've been able to read Korean for years, it's frustrating to not be able to opt out of the alphabet if you already know it. It's not really a skill that needs reinforcement anyway, seeing as you will continually have to reinforce it throughout every lesson. Is there someway to communicate this to the developers?

November 25, 2017



yeah, I get what you say, I like to keep my skills golden, and it's annoying to have to repeat the alphabet lessons just to keep the memory bar full :(


I see that since you live in Korea, you have experience with Korean alphabets. There are orange buttons below the Alphabet courses, where you can skip ahead of the courses. You can click "Test (number) skills" to jump ahead.

However, the point of including alphabets is to assist learners to be familiar with the structure of Korean writing. Otherwise, how can anyone else learn? Of course, everyone, like me, has different paces of learning. But there is no good reason to exclude such courses.


Do you mean the "Test Out" button? Because I did that initially and skipped over the alphabet and the basics lessons (which i don't mind repeating). But "Test Out" only lets you skip those the first time. They still go down in strength over time and you cant test out again. So you're left having to do the alphabet over and over again when they weaken, or go to each individual skill and strengthen them separately.


Your right. He could finish the course in no time!

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