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  5. "这条裙子太长了!"


Translation:This dress is too long!

November 25, 2017



Skirt should also be accepted


Please report it next go round if you haven't already done so! With Mandarin being in the beta phase, the more suggestions now, the better the course will be in the future. :)


In fact it should probably be the default translation. It's accepted now (2018-04-09) at least, though several other questions still need it added.


Goldilocks in a clothes store. The dress in the last sentence was too short :p


Is the pinyin of 长 chang, or is it zhan (like Google Translate says)?


In this case it's "cháng". In other cases it's "zhăng". It's never "zhan", as far as I'm aware.


What is the use of 了 here?


With "太", adding "了" usually makes the sentence sound more natural. Apart from it just sounding better to native speakers, you can perhaps think of this "了" as a sort of interjection to bring some immediate extra feeling or relevance to the sentiment, though on the other hand it might be easier just to think of it as a set pattern to remember and use.

Other patterns with "了":


Whenever太is used to mean"too", the adjective must be followed by了。

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