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Mobile versus PC

Why don't Streaks and Lingots earned on the mobile app transition to the PC version?

November 25, 2017



They do.
Streak is the same across all three plattforms!!

You are probably using two different user accounts?!?
IOS: This is special - Lingots vs Gems (on selected A/B testing user accounts).

Android: Lingot = Lingot.


They do for me (I use android). They won't however if you're using an iOS device.


They do for me, using iOS. Emm..


Hmm, I cannot say that I have had any issue with streaks transferring from app to web or vice versa (with an iOS device). My lingots appear as well.

As for the streak, if you have different 'goals' set for web vs app, there will be some mismatching.

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